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Second album by Teeph. Because we rule.


released May 23, 2012

Drums recorded by Scott Barwick @ Origami Lounge. Guitars, bass, vocals, and keys recorded by Chris Keene of the Cutters Cathedral in Chico California. Mixed and mastered by Chris Keene.

Additional vocals on "Fix It, Baby!" by Kirk Williams.
Additional vocals on "The High Cost of Being Zany" by Kirk Williams, Alan Adams and Brandon Squyres.
Keys on "This Song Is Called" by Josh Hegg.



all rights reserved


Teeph Chico

Teeph, the three-piece from Chico, CA plays heavy, noisy, odd music.

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Track Name: a/s/l
Rock to the faceplate
Imagine the blur of red on my hand
Can't trade me places
Escape's the only thing on your mind
Not what you're looking for
Knees worn down, eyes on the finish
Begging fogiveness
Not my choice, not your fault

This is not a war
This is just murder
Come with me tonight
Be my bleeding bride

On my soul
Let it go
Fire in my eyes
Burning in my mind
Grinding all the time
Let it die
Whispers to the dead
All that's said
Secrets to the grave
Deadly games we play
Always just the same
Fighting what I want

What we want is not to survive, but to decide

When my work is done
We'll see how far we've come
Bring pain to relieve my own
We'll see how bright you've shone

I see you from far away
Can't wait to hear you pray
For our love, for all our sake
Can't wait to get my prey
Can't wait for you to taste my pain
Can't to to feel my rage
Can't wait to say your name
Track Name: Brokowski
Dig the graves for our dreams
Run in place for centuries

For all
For me
For these
All lies

Don't bite the hand of the man who feeds you
Pay your dues, kiss the boot on your throat

Wear your sins like a badge
Give it all, it's all you had
Die in shame
Fight your war
And give up your name

Hey now, how does the darkness feel?
A slow burn against the skin we peel
Track Name: You Should Probably Stop Being an Asshole
Will you eat the shit I'm dishing?
I'm going to need you to smile and say "please"
I'm going to need to thank you in advance for your forgiveness
I'm going to need a lot of things
I'm going to need you to need


Let's find somewhere with a view
Let's watch him burn
Track Name: The Retarded King
Why won't you save us?
Tame the beast

When you're not thinking the fire's in your eyes
When you are sinking it's no surprise
Out of your asshole there's nothing left to say
Out of your mouth-hole it's the same shit
Track Name: Fix it, Baby!
When the monkey's in your face
When the monkey's in your cage

Why don't you fucking fix it, bitch?

Broken minds and vows
Broken hearts

Why don't you fucking fix it, bitch?

Broken minds and vows
Pain and sores in the mind cloud my thoughts

Out of the dark night
Out of the sun we go
Burning the fiction
Letting the false gods go
Track Name: Teeph Goes on Welfare
When you die
When you die to survive inside
But have nothing to show

Don't let them have what they deserve
Don't let them take your eyes
Don't forget all the things you say
Don't fuck yourself, fuck me
Don't let them have what they deserve
Track Name: Joyless Laughter
Just a minute
All these burning questions and several lifetimes to lose
I cut my teeth on my oral fixation
When I see that blood I need to know it's you

It hurts
I forgot how to breathe

Seeing through noise
The feeling is warm but hollow
The consequence of when your god is flat
Applauding mediocrity
Swallowing madness
But we're making progress

It hurts
I forgot how to breathe
It hurts
I forgo how to think

Break me apart
Take it all in
Eat everything
Get fat on sin
Blame your kin
Have no shame
Keep peddling dust
Forget your name

When the hammer falls
Taking debt and all

God saves us
God save us
God can't save himself

Track Name: The High Cost of Being Zany
The fear of staying upright when you've got no limb or causeway
The waters rise and mountains fall
You lose your sight and that's all

And bury all the things that make you human
Therefore blame-free

Fuck yeah

Bring the storm
Drown the sea with urgent seething impossibilities of peace of mind

Either way she'll pull you down
You'll feel the same
And run out of fucking hours
And sink like a stone

Our hearts are measured by the beatings they take
Not the beats they make

Use your heart, not your soul
Use your heart, not your soul
Use your hate to let it go
Use your heart, not your soul
Use your hate